2018 SeisComP3 Course in Kingston, NY, September 24 – 28

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

This September 24 – 28, ISTI will host another one of our popular training courses, this time on SeisComp3 in Kingston, New York.

To RESERVE YOUR SEAT NOW complete our short contact form at http://www.isti.com/contact/contact-us/.

Please view the full ad here: https://mailchi.mp/73c04d9154d2/2018-ew-course-30-april-4-may-saratoga-springs-ny-252603. For those who wish to subscribe directly to future course notifications, you will see a subscribe button in the upper left corner of that screen.

Kind Regards,
K i m b e r l y B a i l
E x e c u t i v e A d m i n i s t r a t o r
Instrumental Software Technologies, Inc.
Scientific Software and Services | www.isti.com

See also: SeisComP3 Training in USA, September :wink:

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Thanks, Joachim. Stefan sent his announcement a while back once it was apparent that mine had not gone through initially.

All best.

Thanks, Andres.