Insert event


How can I do an insert of an new origin (maybe new event) in seiscomp database ? I have my own scripts detecting events/picks and I would like to insert those in my seiscomp databse and visualize it when the event occurs (scmv).


Form a SeisComP XML file and inject it into the system with scdispatch.

Hi, how can I get an example of the seiscomp XML file ? I just exported an SCXML from obspy with the hypocentral information but not sure if the amplitudes, magnitudes and event association is correct. This is what actually I am doing:

“seiscomp exec scamp --ep origin2.xml --reprocess -H %s/production -d mysql://sysop:sysop@%s/seiscomp > amps.xml”%(host,host)
“seiscomp exec scmag --ep amps.xml --reprocess -H %s/production -d mysql://sysop:sysop@%s/seiscomp -v > mags.xml”%(host,host)
“seiscomp exec scevent --ep mags.xml -H %s/production -d mysql://sysop:sysop@%s/seiscomp > event.xml”%(host,host)
“seiscomp exec scdb -i event.xml -H %s -d mysql://sysop:sysop@%s/seiscomp”%(host,host)
“scdispatch -i event.xml -d mysql://sysop:sysop@%s/seiscomp”%(host)

Is that a correct way to insert the event or would you suggest other workflow ?


The final event.xml in your case should contain everything that is required. When dispatching, scmaster must run. If you want to inject that into a real-time system, I would skip the scevent part of your script and only send origins. scevent of your automatic pipeline will pick up the new origin and form a new event.