New miniSEED format

Dear SeisComP users,

heads up :slight_smile:

The next generation miniSEED format is being developed! You can find draft proposals from GFZ (#3) and IRIS (#1) on the following page:

A white paper containing all 4+1 proposals will be published by ORFEUS in the next couple of days to be discussed at the IASPEI assembly in Kobe next week.

Please share this info with colleagues who are attending in Kobe ASAP, so they have time to get acquainted with the proposals.

FDSN WGII White Paper โ€œThe Future of mini-SEEDโ€, including technical details of proposals #1, #2, #3 and #4, has been added to the above Github page. There is also a message from FDSN WGII Chair.