Promotional Basic Training for SeisComP at gempa, Potsdam, 30 March - 03 April 2020

Dear SeisComP users and everyone interested,

We are again announcing our Basic Training for the OpenSource SeisComP - the popular software for automatic and interactive earthquake analysis in real time. This Beginner Course is perfect for new SeisComP users who wish to get quickly started with a productive SeisComP system.

We are guaranteeing an intensive hands-on training - a strict limit of a maximum of 8 persons is applied. Participants may bring their own datasets for training.


This is a promotional training: We extend the training by one extra day and provide a life-time license for QuakeLink ( with updates for two years free of any extra charge.


The training covers the following topics:

  • Installation and optimization of the latest SeisComP package from scratch

  • Acquisition, archiving and distribution of real-time and archived data including FDSNWS

  • Automatic data processing in real-time

  • Interactive analysis using the Graphical User Interfaces and commandline utilities

  • Playbacks

  • Tuning and module customization

  • GUI customization

  • QuakeLink for secure real-time backup and redundancy of event parameters on parallel SeisComP systems


    Generation of station meta data including responses of sensors and data loggers from scratch using gempa’s SMP.

Find the full list of topics online:

Dates and times

  1. March - 03. April 2020, 08:30 - 16:30


gempa offices, Potsdam, Germany:

Registration, fees, conditions, etc.

The course is now open for registration. Find all details online: or contact us by email:

More SeisComP courses are announced:

See you in Potsdam!

Dirk Roessler

The website of this training has been moved. For the list of topics and for registration please use:


Dear all,

we have received many applications for this Basic training. More than we can accept in order to keep the number of participants limited. Therefore we need to close the registration for this training. Please consider our upcoming Basic training in September [1] which again will be a promotional training adding QuakeLink.

Thank you for your interest in our services!