SeisComP 4.0.0 slmon

Hi (Jan),

To try i installed seiscomp 4.0.0 on CentOS 7, when i try running slmon, it stopped, so

See in the slmon log file, i see problems on file $SEISCOMP_ROOT/lib/python/seiscomp/,

and comparing it with the same file on seiscomp3 i change configparser --> ConfigParser and slmon run for a moment and stop again, the log file now said:

[milton@pcenea5 ~]$ vi seiscomp/var/log/slmon.log

reading setup config from ‘/home/milton/seiscomp/var/lib/slmon/config.ini’

reading station config from ‘/home/milton/seiscomp/var/lib/slmon/stations.ini’

generating output to ‘/home/milton/seiscomp/var/run/slmon’

getting initial time windows from SeedLink server ‘

slinktool -nd 10 -nt 10 -Q

setting up connection to SeedLink server ‘

Traceback (most recent call last):

File “/home/milton/seiscomp/bin/slmon”, line 476, in

for rec in input:

File “/home/milton/seiscomp/lib/python/seiscomp/”, line 435, in iter

yield Record(self.__fd)

File “/home/milton/seiscomp/lib/python/seiscomp/”, line 113, in init

struct.unpack(">6scx5s2s3s2s2H3Bx2H2h4Bl2H", fixhead)

TypeError: Struct() argument 1 must be string, not unicode

shutting down slinktool

run_with_lock: process “slmon” (501) exited with error status 1

So, i think here the problem is in the struct.unpack(format,buffer)??



We have to check that, thanks.

Can you try to remove the unicode_literalsimport from

Yes and slmon works now, great!!

Thank you for the test. Are you using Python2 or Python3?

Nothing, Python2.75, as said the command line when I running python.