Advanced Training for experienced SeisComP3 users at gempa in Potsdam, Germany, 16 - 19 September, 2018

We are again announcing the Advanced Training for SeisComP3 at gempa GmbH in Potsdam, Germany from 16 to 19 September, 2019. This Advanced Course is perfect for experienced SeisComP3 users who wish to advance their SeisComP3 experience beyond standard application and increase the productivity of SeisComP3 systems for monitoring of local earthquakes.

Since the training will be held by experienced staff from gempa - the development and service company for SeisComP3 - you can directly learn from the developers!

We are guaranteeing an intensive hands-one training - trainees get to learn and to practice actively at all times. A strict limit of a maximum of 8 persons is applied.


The training covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to tuning options of the standard SeisComP3 package with optional release upgrade.
  • Introduction to scanloc for monitoring of local earthquakes.
  • Introduction to new S-picker algorithm with GUI for debugging and tuning.
  • Offline playbacks.
  • Tuning of scautopick and scautoloc for local earthquake monitoring.
  • Configuration of scanloc .
  • Configuration of new S-phase picker .
  • Data analysis and tuning.
  • Further customizations: local velocity models, locator tools, magnitude configuration etc.
  • Customizations of maps and map projections .
  • Participants may bring their own datasets and use it for individual tuning.

Find the full list of topics online .

In addition the participants get an institute-wide 5 years license for scanloc (cluster search based automatic earthquake detection and localization module) the new S-picker plug-in (S-AIC and S-AIC-V), the S-Picker debugger and the map projections package .


Our trainings are conducted by expert teachers experienced in data analysis and software development.


This course will be held at gempa offices in Potsdam, Germany.

Course fee

The course fee is explained on our course website . It is equal for research institutes and companies.


Now open for your registration using our course website .

Read our course website for the official announcement, more information on the training and related travel services.


We accept applications for 1 sponsorship covering the course fee. Please contact us for the details and apply by 31 May, 2019.

Unable to attend this time?

If you cannot participate this time, you may consider one of our upcoming trainings, e.g. in spring or autumn next 2020.

See you in Potsdam,


Dear all,

there are still places available in this advanced training for SeisComP3 [1]. You can still apply, so do not miss this great opportunity!

If you cannot attend the training this time, we offer more chances in 2020. Check out our website [2] for your options.

See you in in Potsdam!