Basic Training for SeisComP in Potsdam, Germany, 21 - 24 March, 2022

Dear SeisComP community,

I hereby again announce our very popular Beginner Training for SeisComP dating 21 - 24 March, 2022.
This Beginner Course is perfect for new SeisComP users who wish to get quickly started with a productive SeisComP system.

You get to learn about SeisComP from us - the main developers of this wide-spread OpenSource software package for real-time earthquake monitoring. Read all topics on our website.

In this regular training we will introduce SeisComP in the latest version to you. The training is highly hands-on oriented and very intensive. You get to learn and to practice actively at all times. Therefore, the registration to the training is open to everyone but limited to a maximum of 8 persons.

To maintain the high intensity of the training the course will be held in the classroom of our gempa offices where we will take all possible precautions against COVID-19.

You may find all further details including registration online in the announcement of the course.

See you soon in Potsdam!

Dirk Roessler