Basic Training for SeisComP3 at gempa in Potsdam, Germany, 27 - 30 August, 2018

We are again announcing the Basic Training for SeisComP3 at gempa GmbH in Potsdam, Germany from 27 to 30 August, 2018. This beginner course is perfect for new SeisComP3 users who wish to get quickly started with a productive SeisComP3 system. Since training will be held by experienced staff from gempa - the development and service company for SeisComP3 - you can directly learn from the developpers!

We are guaranteeing an intensive training - a strict limit of a maximum of 8 persons is applied.


This course will be held at gempa offices in Potsdam, Germany.

Course Fee

1904 € including all taxes due in Germany for each participant. Regardless of the institute or company.


Now open for your registration through our website.

Find the official announcement and more information on the training and on travel services on our website.

See you in Potsdam,


Hello Dirk,

My name is Chelsie Souto and I am a student at Binghamton University, NY. I
did fill out the form for the bottom of the page for this SeisComp course
regarding avalibility and have not heard back. If you are coordinating
and/or organizing this course could you please let me know how to further

I appreciate your time!

Thank you,

Chelsie Souto

Hi Chelsie,

thank you for your interest! We have fixed the contact form. Please try again.



Dear SeisComP3 community,

our popular Basic Training for SeisComP3 [1] in Potsdam, Germany, in the end of August 2018 has again attracted participants from all around the world. So we are expecting another exciting week learning about SeisComP3 from scratch and from the developers of SeisComP3.

Still, there is a very limited number of places available for you. Don’t miss this chance and register now!

We are looking forward to talking SeisComP3 with you in Potsdam!



Dear Dirk

Thank you for the announcement.

I am alaways interrested to be involved in.

I will be able to keep you informed if i can get budget for one young colleague from INM to cover his participation.

Anyway, thank you and I am glade to hear from you.

Best regards

Dear Attafi,

just use the contact form on our trainings websites for inquires or registration. We will get in contact with you promptly.



Thank you

I will do


Dear Dirk,

apart from Germany, can this training be provided in the Pacific Islands or Oceania? Whom should we contact if we wanted to organise an expert to provide this training in our Government Organisation?

appreciate any directions on this.

Dear Dirk/Patricia,

I think some (many) of my PIC (Pacific Islands Countries) colleagues would be interested as well!

Best regards



Pierre Lebellegard

IRD - UMR 7329 Géoazur

Laboratoire de Sismologie - Centre IRD de Nouméa




Tél.: +687 26 07 70**(GMT + 11)**

Télécopie: +687 26 43 26**(GMT + 11)**

GSM: +687 96 44 70 (GMT + 11)

** +33 6 07 35 48 04 (CET)**

** +82 10-4062-2607 (GMT + 9)**


Twitter: @NCseismicobserv

**Web: **

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千里之行 始于足下.
(Parcourir) un chemin de mille lis, en commençant par un pas.

A 1.000 lis travel begins with one single step.

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Hi Patricia and Pierre,

that’s a great idea and we would love to visit you. Please contact us directly using our contact form [1].

I am looking forward to hearing back from you.



Hi Dirk,

thankyou. Just sent in our query using the contact form.