Basic Training for SeisComP3 at gempa in Potsdam, Germany, 9 -12 September, 2019

Dear SeisComP3 community,

our successful training series in spring is just over and it is my pleasure to announce the next round of our popular Basic Training for SeisComP3 at gempa GmbH in Potsdam, Germany in autumn this year, 09 - 12 September, 2019.

This beginner course is perfect for new SeisComP3 users who wish to get quickly started with a productive SeisComP3 system. Since training will be held by experienced staff from gempa - the development and service company for SeisComP3 - you can directly learn from the developers!

We are guaranteeing an intensive hands-on training - a strict limit of a maximum of 8 persons is applied.


The course topics include:

  • Installation of the latest SeisComP3 package from scratch
  • Acquisition, archiving and distribution of real-time and archived data including FDSNWS
  • Configuration for automatic data processing
  • Interactive analysis using the Graphical User Interfaces and commandline utilities
  • Playbacks
  • Tuning and customization

Find the full list of topics online .


Our trainings are conducted by expert teachers experienced in data analysis and software development.


This course will be held at gempa offices in Potsdam, Germany.

Course Fee

1904 € including all taxes due in Germany for each participant. Regardless of the institute or company.


Now open for your online registration .

Find the official announcement and more information on the training and on travel services on our event website .


We accept applications for 1 sponsorship covering the course fee. Please contact us for the details and apply by 30 June, 2019.

Unable to attend this time?

If you cannot participate this time, you may consider one of our upcoming trainings next year in spring or autumn.

See you in Potsdam,


Dear SeisComP3 community,

our Basic Training for SeisComP3 in Potsdam in September has again received a significant interest and we need to close our call for registration. This time we were proudly able to provide sponsorship to one participant. We wish that the sponsorship will allow another highly motivated seismologist to learn about SeisComP3.

Those who could not make it to our training this time are welcome to apply to our next regular trainings in spring and autumn 2020 [1].

See you soon in Potsdam!