ESC 2018 session S27 - "10 Years of SeisComP3"

Dear all,

as you probably know, the 36th General Assembly of the European Seismological Commission (ESC) will be held from the 2nd to the 7th September 2018 in Valletta, Malta.

We would therefore like to draw your attention to session S27 on “10 Years of SeisComP3”:

SeisComP3 is an open-source, end-to-end, seismological software package. It consists of modules that span data acquisition, re-distribution and archival, automatic event detection, characterization, and notification, as well as interactive analysis. Most functionality is available as C++ libraries together with Python wrappers. SeisComP3 supports FDSN standards like MiniSEED, StationXML, QuakeML and webservices and the transmission standard SeedLink. SeisComP3 was originally developed by GFZ Potsdam for the German-Indonesian Tsunami Warning System (GITEWS). It is now maintained and developed by GFZ Potsdam and gempa GmbH. Over the years, a vigorous user community has formed, who also contribute modules to SeisComP3 that compliment the existing framework, like tools for ShakeMaps or Earthquake Early Warning. Comprehensive documentation is provided online. User support is available via a web forum with currently more than 250 users from all over the world. SeisComP3 is used as the primary earthquake monitoring software by several dozens of networks monitoring local, regional and global seismicity across the globe. Primarily a solution for real-time monitoring and data distribution, it is increasingly being used to generate earthquake catalogues for off-line analysis, e.g. from temporary experiments. 10 years ago SeisComP3 was released as a public package. The anniversary is an opportunity to bring together users, developers and interested parties. In this session we invite contributions from all fields related to SeisComP3, including scientists using the software for data analysis and data centers using it for data handling and distribution. We also welcome contributions about possible challenges facing the SeisComP3 community, and discussion on further improvements.

See also and for a detailed session list.

Looking forward to meeting you in Malta!

Joachim Saul, Winfried Hanka - GFZ Potsdam, Germany
Bernd Weber, Dirk Rössler - gempa GmbH, Germany
John Clinton - ETH Zürich, Switzerland
Jean-Marie Saurel - IPGP, France