Gisola: A High‐Performance Computing Application for Real‐Time Moment Tensor Inversion

Nikolaos Triantafyllis, Ioannis E. Venetis, Ioannis Fountoulakis, Erion‐Vasilis Pikoulis, Efthimios Sokos, Christos P. Evangelidis; Gisola: A High‐Performance Computing Application for Real‐Time Moment Tensor Inversion. Seismological Research Letters 2021; doi:


Automatic moment tensor (MT) determination is essential for real‐time seismological applications. In this article, Gisola, a highly evolved software for MT determination, oriented toward high‐performance computing, is presented. The program employs enhanced algorithms for waveform data selection via quality metrics, such as signal‐to‐noise ratio, waveform clipping, data and metadata inconsistency, long‐period disturbances, and station evaluation based on power spectral density measurements in parallel execution. The inversion code, derived from ISOLated Asperities—an extensively used manual MT retrieval utility—has been improved by exploiting the performance efficiency of multiprocessing on the CPU and GPU. Gisola offers the ability for a 4D spatiotemporal adjustable MT grid search and multiple data resources interconnection to the International Federation of Digital Seismograph Networks Web Services (FDSNWS), the SeedLink protocol, and the SeisComP Data Structure standard. The new software publishes its results in various formats such as QuakeML and SC3ML, includes a website suite for MT solutions review, an e‐mail notification system, and an integrated FDSNWS‐event for MT solutions distribution. Moreover, it supports the ability to apply user‐defined scripts, such as dispatching the MT solution to SeisComP. The operator has full control of all calculation aspects with an extensive and adjustable configuration. MT’s quality performance, for 531 manual MT solutions in Greece between 2012 and 2021, was measured and proved to be highly efficient.

Source Code and documentation can be found here: