New release Jakarta 2020.330

Dear users,

we tagged a new release of SeisComP3 Jakarta: 2020.330. Meanwhile we have released patch 2. Binaries for various
operating systems have been built. The full source is available at Github [1]. Please read the changelog [2]. All gempa GmbH customers will find binary packages in their repositories.

This will be the last SeisComP3 version that we will ever release. We will maintain it until mid of 2022, fix bugs and compilation issues for supported systems but all new feature developments will go into SeisComP 4.0.0 and beyond.

The most important change for this release is actually its support for Qt5 and therefore support for CentOS8 and Ubuntu 20.04. Furthermore Python3 support was added. The binary package is compiled for the default Python version shipped with the Linux distribution. For example Ubuntu 20.04 is built against Python 3.8.5 and all SeisComP3 scripts will use this version. The SeisComP3 Python libraries cannot be used with any other version because the C++ wrappers are not binary compatible with other versions and must be recompiled for another Python versions.

Another important change has been implemented into Seedlink: naming buffer directories unambiguously including the network code. If you have two stations with the same code in two different networks then both data were mixed in one buffer directory. So before upgrading Seedlink you should rename the buffer directories accordingly. Example:

sysop@host:~/seiscomp3/var/lib/seedlink/buffer$ ls
sysop@host:~/seiscomp3/var/lib/seedlink/buffer$ mv PB02 CX.PB02
sysop@host:~/seiscomp3/var/lib/seedlink/buffer$ ls

The steps to upgrade properly:

  1. Stop Seedlink
  2. Upgrade SeisComP3 package
  3. Rename directories (use attached script)
  4. seiscomp update-config
  5. Start Seedlink
if [ -z ${SEISCOMP_ROOT+x} ]; then
        echo "Environment variable SEISCOMP_ROOT is not set."
        echo "Either use 'seiscomp exec [script]' or set SEISCOMP_ROOT to the installation "
        echo "path of your SeisComP installation."
        exit 1

grep -A 2 ^station $SEISCOMP_ROOT/var/lib/seedlink/seedlink.ini | while read a b c; do
        if [ "$a" = station -a "$b" != .dummy ]; then
                while read a b c; do
                        case $a in
                                --) break;;
                                name) eval sta=$c;;
                                network) eval net=$c;;
                if [ -z "$id" -o -z "$sta" -o -z "$net" ]; then
                        echo "Error parsing seedlink.ini"

                if [ "$id" != "$net.$sta" ]; then
                        mv -v "$SEISCOMP_ROOT/var/lib/seedlink/buffer/$id" "$SEISCOMP_ROOT/var/lib/seedlink/buffer/$net.$sta"
                        echo "$id: No renaming required"

Run with:

seiscomp exec sh

Many thanks to:

  • the community for their feedback and code patches
  • gempa customers for funding new features and extensions

Have fun,
SeisComP3 team



It seems the links of the binary compiled packages of this last release are all broken since a couple of weeks.

All the one I tried led to a 404 error.


Sorry, this is fixed now. Please reload the page.

We have problems with the plugins. You can see below the scvoice.log

Someone know wich one is the problem ??

Best regards


2021/01/19 00:42:42 [notice/Application] Starting scvoice
2021/01/19 00:42:42 [notice/Application] Framework : Jakarta 2018.327.p12
2021/01/19 00:42:42 [notice/Application] API Version : 12.1.0
2021/01/19 00:42:42 [notice/Application] Version : GIT HEAD: f5359fe
Compiler: c++ (Ubuntu 5.4.0-6ubuntu1~16.04.10) 5.4.0 20160609
Build system: Linux 4.4.0-148-generic
OS: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS / Linux
2021/01/19 00:42:42 [error/Application] Loading plugin /home/sysop/seiscomp3/share/plugins/ failed: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
2021/01/19 00:42:42 [error/Application] Unable to load plugin rsas
2021/01/19 00:42:42 [error/Application] Failed to load all requested plugins, bailing out
2021/01/19 00:42:42 [notice/Application] Shutdown
2021/01/19 00:57:15 [notice/Application] Starting scvoice
2021/01/19 00:57:15 [notice/Application] Framework : Jakarta 2017.334.p5
2021/01/19 00:57:15 [notice/Application] API Version : 11.1.0
2021/01/19 00:57:15 [notice/Application] Version : GIT HEAD: c7c1a40
Compiler: c++ (Ubuntu 5.4.0-6ubuntu1~16.04.9) 5.4.0 20160609
Build system: Linux 4.4.0-119-generic
OS: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS / Linux
2021/01/19 00:57:15 [warning/Application] API version mismatch (12.0 != 11.1) can lead to unpredicted behaviour: /home/sysop/seiscomp3/share/plugins/
2021/01/19 00:57:15 [warning/Application] API version mismatch (12.0 != 11.1) can lead to unpredicted behaviour: /home/sysop/seiscomp3/share/plugins/
2021/01/19 00:57:15 [warning/Application] API version mismatch (12.0 != 11.1) can lead to unpredicted behaviour: /home/sysop/seiscomp3/share/plugins/
2021/01/19 00:57:15 [notice/Application] Connection to established
2021/01/19 00:57:15 [error/DatabaseArchive] Database version v0.11 not supported by client
2021/01/19 00:57:15 [notice/Application] Shutdown

Dear Emilio,

I see several problems with your setup:

  1. The output seems unrelated to the new release Jakarta 2020.30
  2. Support for Ubuntu 16.04 will end soon
  3. You are using different SC3 versions (s. warnings about API version mismatch)
  4. Your database uses a different version than your client (see error/DatabaseArchive)
  5. The plugin needs which in your setup is not found / not installed.

Sorry for not giving a fix-all solution.



rsas is a gempa plugin which must be upgraded in addition to all other packages.