Online: Basic Training for SeisComP - Promotional Beginner Course 15 - 26 March, 2021

Dear SeisComP users and everyone interested,

We are again announcing our highly popular Basic Training for OpenSource SeisComP - the popular software for automatic and interactive earthquake analysis in real time. This Beginner Course is perfect for new SeisComP users who wish to get quickly started with a productive SeisComP system.

This will be our first regular training introducing SeisComP in version 5 to the community.
We are guaranteeing an intensive hands-on training despite the online character. Participants may bring their own datasets for training.


This is a promotional training: We extend the training by one extra day and provide a life-time license for QuakeLink ( ) with updates for two years free of any extra charge.


The training covers the following topics:

  • Installation and optimization of the latest SeisComP package from scratch
  • Acquisition, archiving and distribution of real-time and archived data including FDSNWS
  • Automatic data processing in real-time
  • Interactive analysis using the Graphical User Interfaces and commandline utilities
  • Playbacks
  • Tuning and module customization
  • GUI customization
  • QuakeLink for secure real-time backup and redundancy of event parameters on parallel SeisComP systemsOptional:Generation of station meta data including responses of sensors and data loggers from scratch using gempa’s SMP.

Find the full list of topics online:

ONLINE Training - Adaptation to the Covid-19 situation

As travelling may be restricted during the course period and your health is of highest priority to us, this training will be held as an online training with a virtual classroom. Following tutorials on a monitor for a long time is very exhaustive. We therefore reduce the daily amount of hours to 4 including short breaks.

Dates and times

  1. – 26. March 2021, 08:30 - 12:30 CEST (times will adjusted allowing participation from different time zones)


Online: We train you from our office in Potsdam, Germany, wherever you are.

Registration, fees, conditions, etc.

The course is now open for registration. Find all details online: or contact us by email:

Cannot attend this time? More SeisComP courses are announced online: .

See you online and all around the world!

Dirk Roessler

Hi community,

there is still a chance to register and to reserve spots for this online beginner training. As we hope to switch back to face-to-face training later this year, this online training may be a unique opportunity for those who wish to avoid traveling.

Visit our website for this and other events ( and contact us for more details.

See you soon,