Release Jakarta 2018.327

Dear users,

we have tagged a new release of SeisComP3 Jakarta: 2018.327. Binaries for various operating systems have been built and tested. The full source is available at Github [1].

Please read the changelog [2] and some more info [3] for a list of fixes and changes including figures from GUIs.
The documentation of the release is also available with the source code and online [4].

All gempa GmbH customers will find binary packages in their repositories.

Breaking changes:

  • Database upgrade to version 0.11
  • ML has been corrected. A previous computational error has resulted in overestimation of ML by 0.3
  • The new availability data object allows to store information on the availability of waveform data in the SeisComP3 database. This allows to keep track of all changes in data including gaps and overlaps, location and stream codes or sampling rates
  • scardac is the new module in SeisComP3 to monitor SDS archives and to provide the availability parameters to the database
  • fdsnws has been extended to provide the data availability in XML or text form, fetching station meta data can be confined to epochs where data are available according to the IRIS reference implementation
  • The GUIs and especially scolv have received a major upgrade providing more options for data processing and viewing events or data

Many thanks to:

  • IRIS for funding the new development of scardac and the fdsnws extensions
  • Joachim Saul for providing fixes in scautoloc
  • Sergio Tardioli for updating the default path in scart
  • gempa customers for funding new features and extensions

Have fun,
Jan and the team of GFZ / gempa



Binary packages are now available from

Strong motion extension did not change, correct?


Hi Andrea
the version posted in
is 2017.334.5 and is not the same one issued on gitlab 2018.327 and on gempa. From which site do I have to officially download the seiscomp package for my linux distribution?
Thank you


You mean the package is named 2018.327 but the version compiled is 2017.334, e.g.

You may have to reload the page in the browser.

Yes yes!

now I see all the distributions thanks!


Previously we had tarred documentation, like seiscomp3-jakarta-2017.334-doc.tar.gz available there. Is that no longer being provided?

Tarred documentation added.

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