SeisComP 4.0.0

Dear SeisComP community,

We are happy to finally provide you with the first release of SeisComP version 4.

Major changes to the code and the repository were summarised in the previous announcement (and in the change log at we will focus on two additional news items: the new portal at and the reorganised documentation pages: will replace aiming at becoming the home page of the SeisComP project with links to the most important four sections: documentation, repository, download and forum. The latter is now hosted at with being re-directed to the new URL.

The documentation at has got explanations of the most important concepts for beginners and a number of tutorials for some common use cases including a dedicated tutorial for the migration to this new version ( We would be happy to receive feedback about the new documentation and even more happy to see your contributions to the documentation (

Besides the major changes announced here and in the previous post, we have now also a new naming schema decided by your vote: no name, just version number! This is indeed the outcome of the poll and this is how we will continue from now on, we will simply refer to “SeisComP”, and include a version number when necessary.

In the coming weeks we will also redirect to and we plan to preserve all the old content there for about two more years. As for the old SeisComP3 code please note that there will be no further development except bug fixes where feasible.

We really encourage you now to upgrade to SeisComP version 4 using the precompiled binaries ( or from the GitHub ( and try yourself to discover the next generation of SeisComP.

We thank especially those who have actively helped make SeisComP what it is today and are looking forward to your continued support and feedback.

Have fun,
Jan for the SeisComP development team


Congratulations for the release!

Dear Jabe,
congratulations for the new release.

Have you thought about releasing also a compiled version of Seiscomp4 distributed directly as an OpenStack, VmWare, Amazon AWS, etc … virtual machine?
Thanks in advance.

Thank you all.

Not yet. Maintaining all the native OS packages is already a huge task. If someone wants to jump in and provide images then we are happy to link to them. Setting up a virtual machine with e.g. CentOS and unpack the binary package shouldn’t be too difficult I guess.


Dear Jan,

Congrats for the new release!

But when I try to take maps and docs for Sc4, your links are not working and I get “404 Not Found” error. Is this a common problem or just for me?


Tevfik Ozgur

Hi Tevfik,

which links are you referring to? We will correct them if they are wrong. Thank you.


On the “Installation on Ubuntu” page under the " Install pre-compiled release packages" section


You are right, the documentation is not yet there. I think this package will be added. For the maps we have to correct the link.

Thank you,

Hi Jan,

I have migrated a seiscomp3 installation to seiscomp4 and overall it was quite easy. I would like to report one detail that it might be worth mentioning in the release note though. The scmaster cofiguration is not backward compatible: we have the database connection configured in scmaster.cfg and it was not obvious from the release note that those parameters have changed. Not a big deal but it saves few head scratches to the users if that is clearly stated.

Thanks for the hard work and for the help


Do you refer to this:

I am happy that your upgrade went through. Hopefully it keeps working as it should :wink:

Do you refer to this:

ah, great! I missed that. Maybe it would be useful to add a link in the release note?

Hi, I was wondering if there are any upcoming plans for MacOS support? I have been attempting to compile from source, but I am afraid that the process eludes me. I do, however, have the program running successfully on a Ubuntu virtual machine!

Which plans do you have in mind? I do not use MacOS but I understood from working with someone who uses it that SeisComP compiles and runs nicely there.


We do indeed run SeisComP on macOS, with some modifications made by my colleague Gilles Celli for compiling (starting already with seiscomp3). He was working with @jabe particularly on scmaster for version 4, as far as I am aware of. I actually just forked the repositories in GitHub and pushed the modifications there (see Since I am pretty much a rookie in git, please forgive me if something is odd - I am happily accepting any criticism or suggestion.

I did not test every single SeisComP module, but for our usage (acquisition and archiving, as well as standard processing and the GUIs) it works fine, with 4.0.3 Development version.

Kind regards,