SeisComP 6.0.0

Dear SeisComP community,

We are happy to finally provide you with the third major SeisComP release version 6.

This release will upgrade your database schema to 0.13. The reason for that is that we have introduced a couple of new event types to classify volcanic events.

Please also note that we deprecate the SeisComP3 compatibility layer which will be removed with the next major release. Furthermore Qt4 is not supported anymore and you can only run the graphical user interfaces on system where Qt5 is available.

More changes are summarized at Release 6.0.0 · SeisComP/seiscomp · GitHub and at gempa GmbH - SeisComP released in version 6.0.0. Packages to download will be available at SeisComP seismological software and Index of /packages/Public/seiscomp/6/.

We hope you will benefit from our developments and enjoy the new features. Thank you again for supporting us in advancing SeisComP!

Have fun,
Jan on behalf of the SeisComP development team


Thank you for this new release!

I would like to add that the SED SeisComP Contribution has updated NonLinLoc plugin to version 7.00 (it used to be version 6.00). To be precise it includes all the changes included in the NonLinLoc repositoty until commit SHA1 ID: cda2117948f87c98f602404340d13db901c63be7 (the new versions of NonLinLoc do not have a precise version number so here you have the commit number).

The updated plugin is backward compatible and does not require any change to the configuration. However, due to the amount settings, it is impossible to test all the possible option combinations, so you are strongly encouraged to test the new plugin against events relocated with the old version and make sure the new results are consistent with the previous solutions.

Feel free to report any issue at the SED SeisComP Contribution repository .


hello and thanks for this new verion 6…
has this one been tested on new ubuntu 23 ?
im planning to buy a new ssd so should i install ubuntu 22 or 23?
did the install of seiscomp 6 changed compared to v5 or its the same proceidure ?


Also,id like to know if someone post a topic about how to do an update from an existing installation…like,how do i update from 5.5.10 to 6.x.x with the available file…

like a detailed step by step how to to do it.

EDIT: Official documentation here Upgrading SeisComP ‚ÄĒ SeisComP Release documentation

From my experience, when upgrading major version (e.g. 5.x.x ‚Üí 6.x.x) of SeisComP only 2 things have to be done:

  • Almost every new release brings an update to the database schema, so you simply have to update your current database with the script provided by the new version of Seiscomp (in seiscomp/share/db/migrations/)
  • Make sure to read the release notes Releases ¬∑ SeisComP/seiscomp ¬∑ GitHub where every non-backward compatible change is reported.

So the recipe is:

  • seiscomp stop
  • upgrade seiscomp software
  • update database schema
  • if the release notes states that some parameters have changed/deprecated update your module configuration accordingly
  • seiscomp update-config
  • seiscomp restart

Thanks Luca…its those parts i need help with…

  • upgrade seiscomp software
  • update database schema

im not too familiar with proper way to do it and dont want to mess up my V5 setup hehe

thanks again…help would be very appreciated

  • upgrade seiscomp software
  • If you are installing from binaries: the binaries are just a tarball that you can untar on top of the existing installations. The executable, libraries, default configuration files etc will be overwritten, but your own configuration files (in ~/.siescomp/ or seiscomp_root/etc/) will be unmodified.
  • if you are compiling, then I assume you know how to deal with git and ccmake. When you finally make install your installation will be overwritten, the same way as untarring the tarball of the binary distribution
  • There is also the gampa software management tool but I have never used it so i cannot help with that
  • update database schema

There are always 2 db schema update files, one for mysql (mariadb) and one for postgtresql.:

If you read the release note for v6.0.0 you can read "The database schema receives a small update and will increase the schema versionto 0.13. "

That means you have to use the script that upgrades the databsae schema from 0.12.1 (seiscomp 5.x) to 0.13 (seicomp 6).

Assuming you are using a mysql db run:

$ mysql -u sysop -h localhost -p seiscomp < seiscomp/share/db/migrations/mysql/0_12_1_to_0_13.sql

More information here Upgrading SeisComP ‚ÄĒ SeisComP Release documentation

Dear Jabe,

I have upgraded from 5.5.8 to 6.2.0 and know I am obtaining the next issue when trying to update-config:

After the plugins validation the next line said:

terminate called after throwing an instance of ‚ÄėSeiscomp::Core::DuplicateClassname‚Äô
what(): CharArray
error: updating configuration for inventory failed

There is another error trying to open guis e.g. Scolv

sysop@tsunami01:/opt/seiscomp/bin$ scolv -u miguel --debug
qt.qpa.xcb: QXcbConnection: XCB error: 145 (Unknown), sequence: 181, resource id: 0, major code: 139 (Unknown), minor code: 20
15:46:41 [debug] Adding plugin path: .
15:46:41 [debug] Adding plugin path: /home/sysop/.seiscomp/plugins
15:46:41 [debug] Adding plugin path: /opt/seiscomp/lib/plugins
15:46:41 [debug] Adding plugin path: /opt/seiscomp/lib
15:46:41 [debug] Adding plugin path: /opt/seiscomp/share/plugins
15:46:41 [debug] Adding plugin path: /opt/seiscomp/share/plugins/scolv
15:46:41 [debug] Trying to open plugin at /opt/seiscomp/share/plugins/
15:46:41 [info] Plugin dbmysql registered
15:46:41 [debug] Trying to open plugin at /opt/seiscomp/share/plugins/
15:46:41 [info] Plugin fdsnxml registered
15:46:41 [debug] Trying to open plugin at /opt/seiscomp/share/plugins/
15:46:41 [info] Plugin hypo71 registered
15:46:41 [debug] Trying to open plugin at /opt/seiscomp/share/plugins/
terminate called after throwing an instance of ‚ÄėSeiscomp::Core::DuplicateClassname‚Äô
what(): CharArray

I have upgraded the DB schema from 12_to_12.01 and subsequently from 12_01 _to_13
as you recommend.

What should I do to fix this issue?

Do you use any outdated plugins? (cf.