SeisComP Online Course, September 14-24

Hi All -

At the request of some students in different time zones, ISTI is also offering an online English language SeisComP course in September. 12:30pm to 5pm Eastern Daylight time (with 1/2hr break mid-course). Students have already signed up, but there are still spaces available if you find this course time convenient.

Here’s some info from the blurb on our web site:

In the course, we will focus on the latest open source modules of SeisComP; free for non-commercial uses. You’ll be taught data acquisition and archiving. You’ll learn how to configure and tune global, regional or local automatic seismic event detection. When the course is over you’ll be able to improve automatic solutions by re-picking with the graphical user interface.

This course will be useful to anyone setting up, managing, tuning, or doing post-processing work on a SeisComP3 or SeisComP version 4 system.

The immersive hands-on course will cover:

o Initial installation, including database configuration
o Station inventory, station XML, dataless SEED
o Data acquisition from digitizers, public sources, including Seedlink bindings
o Automatic event location bindings
o Data export to other organizations running SeisComP3, Earthworm
o FDSN Web Services
o Data archiving
o Work with the SeisComP3 GUIs, including viewing event catalogs, and post-processing — picking and relocating events
o Event Playback and system tuning
o Troubleshooting

This 2020 SeisComP3 Course takes place September 14 – 18 and 21 – 24; 9 days; 4 hrs/day. Start time: 12:30pm; 1/2hr break at 2:30pm, finish time 5pm. New York Time (EDT).

Contact ISTI for availability. More info and pricing here: