Upcoming release Jakarta 2017.334

Dear community,

we are about to release a new version of SeisComP3. A development branch
(build/jakarta/2017.320) has been created and packages will be built for you
to download. Please give that version a try and report back any issues. We
have that version running for some time now on our servers and will keep
testing it until mid of next week. If we don’t detect any bugs or get reports
of detected bug, we will use this version (2017.320) as new release.

Things you should have an eye on:

  • database migration to version 0.10
  • your custom Python scripts
  • your custom magnitude / locator plugins
  • event relocations

gempa customers will find binary packages for this release in their repository
at https://data.gempa.de.

Best regards,

Dear Stephan, Gempa and SC3 developers

Thanks for this new version!

I have just a comment :

start and end times are now returned with microseconds included (if any)
by fdsnws station in stationXML format but it is not the case for an
output in format=text.

Could you include microseconds in the text format output, please?


Best regards


Hi Stephan,
Thanks for the new release.
Would it be possible to add the functionality of using --end-time --buffer and network/station and source selection (-I) to the scrttv GUI?
Best Regards,


Dear Constanza,

Thanks for your comment. We will discuss this change. Meanwhile you may change line 423 in your ~/seiscomp3/lib/python/seiscomp3/fdsnws/station.py from

df = "%FT%T"


df = "%FT%T.%f"

Sorry Mustafa, we will not integrate a new feature into the new release which is almost ready. This would have to be done for the next release.

Thanks Stephan


Hi Jan,
I understand. It`s good to hear that you put it on your to do list.


I have some Python module and there is some changes with the exceptions in this new version. Exceptions like Config.Exception or Core.GeneralException are now replaced by RuntimeError. Is this intended?

Best regards

Yes, that is intended. A full description will follow in the changelog. Please replace all SC3 specific exceptions with standard Python exceptions.

Ok, thank you!

The final release will be delayed for some more days. We are still waiting for a late but important Hypo71 fix.

We received now all the patches and builds are scheduled. The current release is 2017.334 for which we created a branch at Github. Feel free to test again, we do the same and will hopefully use that version as the second official 2017 release. Keep fingers crossed …

Great job thanks agian :)!
With the 0.1 sc3ml
I assume the conversion sc3m l <-> quakeml will be updated ob the obspy directory ?
there : https://github.com/obspy/obspy/tree/master/obspy/io/seiscomp/data
or here http://geofon.gfz-potsdam.de/ns/seiscomp3-schema/