Update for release Jakarta 2017.334

Dear users,

we have tagged an updated 2017.334 release on Github [1]. The main change is the addition of the caps_plugin to Seedlink which allows to acquire data from our CAPS waveform server, e.g. data from the RaspberryShake network.

Additionally two minor bugs were fixed with a contribution from Luca Scarabello / ETHZ. Thanks a lot.


[1] https://github.com/SeisComP3/seiscomp3/archive/release/jakarta/2017.334.10.zip

can’t we access station from RaspberryShake Network from chain TCP/IP?

where to download inventory xml of it?


You can download the xml files from this link: https://raspberryshake.net/stationview/

RS StationView - raspberryshake.net

Your browser is not supported officially! You can use it at your own risk but be aware that visual distortions or even browser crashes or freezes may occur.


Once the station map is open, click on one of them and you will see a drop-down window on the left of the screen (see the figure below).

In the Downloads option you can obtain the xml file for that station (Download instrument response).


Ing. Esp. Ricardo G. Sifón

MP 4031

Departamento Laboratorio Sismológico


Instituto Nacional de Prevención Sísmica

Roger Balet 47 Norte - CP 5400 San Juan

Tel. +54 (264) 4239010 int. 211


You can also use:


And download all the stations xml.

But data is not accesible in real time by a public seedlink port.


Hello everybody…
Im trying to see the Shake with a local network using Seiscomp3… Does somebody knows which port number I must need to do that?